Mathias' Aufenthalt in Crosshaven (Irland)

Mathias and his friends

Being able to spend a year abroad is a huge honour for me. Because it is literally the best time of my life. You gain so many new experiences as well as meet new friends from all over the world. To list a few, I have met people from Australia, America(Atlanta), France and Italy as well as many German exchange students. Especially in my country I am currently living, Ireland, people are so welcoming and cordially. I always give one specific example which recently happened to myself; we have been to the basketball court me and some friends and before we could even enter the court some lads, college students, were coming towards us and asked if we would like to join them because they needed to more players. I should mention that they had never seen us before.

I am currently in transition year (TY) which is an Irish speciality. This is the year coming after the Junior cert which is very demanding. So the following year ty is very easy and instead more based on careers and future job application. Furthermore, we barely get any homework or write any tests. Instead we have to do projects for which we get about two weeks time to get them done. At the end of every trimester there are portfolio assessments where we present what we have done in class.

So far all about the school. However, during the year most agencies provide programs themselves. Mine was doing a bowling evening with pizza or organises a Christmas party. Last Mid term holidays which can be compared to our autumn holidays my agency was organising a Scotland trip in which I took part in. Me and students from all over the UK and Ireland went to Scotland for one week to explore Edinburgh and the highlands as well as Loch Ness. We have also been visiting a Scottish whiskey distillery, unfortunately we were not allowed to taste it though. To be honest I met one f my best friends  on that trip.

Except for that you have plenty of time for yourself which I admire the most because you can decide on yourself what you are going to do after school or during weekends which makes yourself become more independent.  The things I am usually doing are staying at school to play the guitar or the piano or I go to Cork to get several things. On weekends I am usually staying in Crosshaven with some friends of mine or we go their house which is always much fun.

Apart from that, this part is especially counting for Ireland, exploring surroundings and landscapes is one of my favourite. Therefore I am really glad  being placed near the sea because the view there is stunning. Here are some of my favourite.